Edith Cavell Elementary School

Edith Cavell Elementary School is an excellent place to learn! There are approximately 300 students who are from diverse cultural and ethnic backgrounds. The school is named after the dynamic and heroic British nurse, Edith Cavell. It opened in 1908 with the current name selected in 1920. The present building was opened in 1940. The building was seismically upgraded to resist major earthquake damage and then in 2000 was upgraded with an elevator and ramp to allow wheelchair access.


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Ecole Saint Sacrement
Blessed Sacrament Elementary School 

As a French Immersion school, we offer children the opportunity to learn to communicate in French at school and in society. Our aim is to help each student develop oral and written fluency in French, while learning about French heritage.


Our goal is to increase the students' awareness of God's goodness, and His presence and action in their lives. Through basic teachings of our Catholic faith, we strive to develop in the students an ability to weigh moral values with an upright conscience; and to encourage an ever-deepening relationship with Jesus Christ and the Christian (Church) community.

This will be achieved through daily prayer , daily study of the Word of God, participation in liturgical and para-liturgical celebrations and the daily experience of living in a Christian Community


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Emily Carr Elementary School

Emily Carr Elementary School's motto is 'Working Together'. The school promotes a climate of caring and sharing and students experience a safe, non-threatening, warm and supportive environment. High standards of behaviour and attitude are fostered while acknowledging each student's achievement or contribution as a means of encouraging each student's sense of self-worth.

Students are encouraged to study diligently, practice responsible behaviour, participate in games and physical education, take the opportunity to serve in various clubs of the school and to use both work and leisure time wisely.

The school programs follow the provincial guidelines and the specific content areas, methodologies and learning materials/activities are determined by each teacher although discussion, cooperative planning and shared activities take place amongst staff. The English Second Language students are integrated into the regular age classes.

School-wide personal safety and decision-making programs are in place with trained staff. Our students perform extremely well in their academic pursuits. Emily Carr is also involved in the Early Literacy Project, and the 4-8 Literacy Project, training teachers to track students' reading and writing behaviours and to teach based on this information.

Emily Carr Elementary School has an active music program with junior and senior bands and a choir which perform at assemblies, concerts, special events, and at choral and band festivals. The Intramural Student Council actively promotes a number of student activities. There are noon-hour intra-mural sports as well as participation in interschool cross country, soccer, volleyball, and floor hockey.


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Eric Hamber Secondary

Eric Hamber Secondary School is a large public secondary school located in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. It offers a variety of advanced classes and is notable for its many wins in the field of sports.

The school is named after Eric Hamber, former Lieutenant Governor of British Columbia.

The school colours, maroon and light blue, were the colours used by Eric Hamber's race horses.


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Montessori Children's Community Preschool

The Montessori Children's Community opened September 5, 2006 in the heart of the Cambie/Oakridge area in Vancouver.

The Montessori Children's Community is committed to supporting the wholesome growth and development of the human personality during the formative years of childhood. This is through the work of Dr. Maria Montessori. In this way, we can assist the child, not only in his natural quest for knowledge and independence, but also in his task of creating himself and in striving to realize his potential. This embodies Dr. Montessori's principle of education as an aid to life.

The Montessori Training Centre of British Columbia has been granted special permission to develop a Montessori prepared environment for children 3 to 6+ years of age following the criteria required by the Association Montessori Internationale for school recognition. Currently some B.C. regulations restrict Montessori schools from following such criteria.

The Montessori Children's Community will be a Pilot Project for British Columbia. The objectives of this Project are to establish a model class to demonstrate the excellent quality A.M.I. criteria promote and secondly, by working in collaboration with the Community Care Licensing Office in Vancouver to define a procedure that can be followed by other Montessori schools in B.C. which choose to operate according to A.M.I. requirements.


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Vancouver Tamlud Torah School

The Montessori Children's Community opened September 5, 2006 in the heart of the Cambie/Oakridge area in Vancouver.

Tamlud Torah School is a Jewish community day school located in the Greater Vancouver metropolitan area of British Columbia, Canada. They offer programs for preschoolers to seventh graders in a dual curriculum learning environment. Vancouver Talmud Torah is a place for children to learn, to discover, and to thrive. Their dedicated faculty work hard to create meaningful learning experiences in all aspects of the curriculum. Core subjects, Judaic studies, specialty classes (art, music, drama, physical education and technology) and a myriad of field trips, special guests, leadership opportunities and innovative programs foster the vibrant and dynamic learning environment.


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General Brock Elementary School

General Brock Elementary School is a small community-based school located at 33rd and Main. Brock has a history of 100 years, expanding from one original wooden building to the present three buildings. There are approximately 215 students attending and they represent a variety of cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds. Twenty–six languages are spoken with over half of our students speaking English as their second language.


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General Wolfe Elementary

Wolfe School is committed to nurturing the development of the whole child both as an individual and as a functioning member of our community. Wolfe School strives to engage all students in activities that will foster the acquisition of knowledge, skills, and positive attitudes needed to meet the challenges of being lifelong learners and global citizens.


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